Master Program

Educational Objectives

To critically explore the molecular mechanisms underlying diseases and related biology by molecular biology techniques

To educate the basic principles of molecular medicine and clinical counseling techniques that are readily applicable in clinical genetic counseling

Core Capabilities

  1. acquisition of fundamental knowledge in the molecular biology
  2. acquisition of molecular biology techniques
  3. ability to conduct an independent research
  4. acquisition of knowledge in genetics
  5. acquisition of psychiatrics and counseling techniques
  6. application of statistics in genetics
  7. application of genetics counseling

Course List

Course Type Course Title
Core classes in Institute of Molecular Medicine M.s. Thesis
Molecular Biology Molecular Biology;  Molecular Biology Lab.; Special Topics in Molecular Medicine;  Cell Mechanobiology - Theory and Experiments on the Mechanics of Life;  Introduction of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Embryology Human Embryology and Birth Defects
Genetics Psychosocial Impact of Genetic Disorders;  Seminar in Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Psychological Counseling Introduction of Psychology;  Theory and Skills of Counselling
Statistics Statistical Genetics;  Statistical Genetics and Research Methodology;  Principle of Statistical Genetics & Genome Data Interpretation
Internship in Clinics Laboratory in Molecular Genetics;  Laboratory in Cytogenetics;  Clinical Training in Prenatal Genetics;  Clinical Training in Clinical Genetics;  Advanced Human Genetics Case Management Practicum
General Genetic Counseling Seminar;  Journal Club; Research Training in Molecular Medicine;  Seminar on Medical Genetics(Ⅰ) ;  Seminar on Medical Genetics(Ⅱ)