International Students

International Student

International Student Status Regulations

International applicants who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply as International Degree Students:

I. Those we have a foreign nationality and have never held Republic of China (R.O.C.) nationality, and do not have Overseas Chinese student status at the time of application. Or

II. Those who have foreign nationality and meet the following requirements, and who have in the immediate past resided overseas for at least six consecutive years (applicants for Medicine, Dentistry or Chinese Medicine Departments must have resided overseas continuously for more than eight years). Also, the applicant must have never studied in Taiwan before as an Overseas Chinese Student nor have accepted a placement by the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students in the current academic year.

  1. A person who at the time of their application also holds dual R.O.C. nationality shall have never had a household registration in Taiwan.
  2. A person who before the time of their application also held dual R.O.C. nationality but no longer does at the time of their application shall have renounced their R.O.C. nationality with the approval of the Ministry of the Interior on a date at least eight full years before making their application.

*The relevant regulations for International Students are outlined in the "Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan" of the Ministry of Education (MOE). Violation of any of the above-mentioned regulations will result in immediate cancellation of the applicant's admission, the deprivation of the applicant's recognized status as an NTU registered student or revocation of the applicant's NTU diploma. No academic certificate will be given.

Note: According to Article 2, "Nationality Act of the Republic of China", a person shall have the nationality of the R.O.C. under any of the conditions provided by the following Subparagraphs:

  1. His/her father or mother was a national of the R.O.C. when he/she was born.
  2. He/she was born after the death of his/her father or mother, and his/her father or mother was a national of the R.O.C. at the time of death.
  3. He/she was born in the territory of the R.O.C., and his/her parents can't be ascertained, or both were stateless persons.
  4. He/she has undergone the naturalization process.

Preceding Subparagraph 1 and Subparagraph 2 shall also apply to the persons who were minors at the time of the amendment and promulgation of this Act.

How to Apply
Apply directly through National Taiwan University's Office of International Affairs.